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The "ROLLER" line of products

Developed for maximum safety while moving multiple sizes of tubulars.

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Tool Sizes Available:
13 3/8”
10 ¾” (also used for 11 7/8” and 11 ¾” casing sizes -all drifts)
9 5/8”
8 5/8”
7” (also used for 7 5/8” casing all drifts)
5 ½” (also used for 6” casing all drifts)
4 ½” (also used for 5” casing all drifts)
Other sizes available on request with intent to use.
Drill Pipe and Tubing Rollers are also available in various sizes.

All Tubular Rollers are delivered to location at no charge.
Tubular Rollers are routinely inspected by a qualified Tubular Rollers, LLC employee on a scheduled visit.
Tubular Rollers are changed out as needed at no charge.