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Our Story

In 2014, a long time Drilling Superintendent had an idea to eliminate roughnecks use of a wooden 2X4 to roll tubulars on the pipe rack. From his past experience, he knew that there had to be a better and safer way and he began building his prototype in his garage. The concept worked so well being the first tool developed that handles the casing from the inside of the pipe as well as providing users the opportunity to roll tubulars down the pipe rack without ever having to lay hands on it. A Safe and Efficient Method for rolling tubulars on a pipe rack was born!

Tubular Rollers, LLC (TRLLC) has since been awarded three (3) US patents for Devises and Methods for Manually Moving Racked Tubulars. Since inception, TRLLC has rolled more than 300 million feet of casing and has since become the standard for Safely and Efficiently rolling tubulars on a pipe rack.

TRLLC wants to be a lasting partner to our customers and ensure a safe working experience for the men and women that work in the field every day.